Dig deep: a short interview with Tobias Bæck

Tobias Bæck, leading interaction designer and Co-Founder of Bakken & Bæck, Wake and Orbit talks to us about his expectations for Communicating FutureBuilt.

Why did you choose to be part of the jury for this competition?

The biggest reason was the exciting mixture of design, technology and architecture. I think this is a really interesting mix that hasn’t been explored as much as it should yet, and that it’s an area with tremendous possibilities. Being on the inside of such a great initiative seems like a really intriguing and exciting task. Also, the organizations involved are tremendously inspiring places of innovation and inspiration.

How do you see the relevance of this type of competition in the field?

I strongly believe that it’s getting more and more important to have a thorough and deep expertise in one specialized area, but also a solid general understanding of multiple disciplines. That is why we are seeing more and more agencies put together multidisciplinary teams that can handle a broader set of tasks.

The most game changing experiences or products, or even buildings, are the ones that solve several societal challenges within a broad range of subjects like environment, design, experience, technology etc. Combining a greater set of expertise and talent is the best way to solve these challenges.

What are you looking forward to most in the jury process for this competition?

Studying the contributions from the pool of great talent that will participate in the competition. And getting inspired! I’m looking for a solution that is not only beautiful as a concept but also practical and one that solves a real problem in a simple and impressive way.

Do you have any tips for the contestants?

As I already mentioned, my main tip would be to not only make a beautiful surface or fancy concept, but to actually dig deep into the challenges they want to solve and create a solution that is easy to understand and put into practice. That is what I’m looking for in a contribution.


– Tobias Bæck