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Tell your story: a short interview with Tine Hegli

In our final interview before the competition kicks off on Monday morning we ask our eminent jury leader Tine Hegli if she has any last advice for the contestants.

Dig deep: a short interview with Tobias Bæck

Tobias Bæck, leading interaction designer and Co-Founder of Bakken & Bæck, Wake and Orbit talks to us about his expectations for Communicating FutureBuilt.

Looking for something meaningful: a short interview with William Kempton

For the second installment in this interview series we have had a chat with jury member William Kempton, PhD Fellow at Center for Design Research, The Oslo School of Architecture and Design. Why did he choose to be part of this competition?

A short interview with FutureBuilt

In lead up to the competition we have invited the five jury members to talk a bit about their expectations, and to share a few tips with the participants. First up are Pia Bodahl and Birgit Rusten from the competition organizer FutureBuilt

The abstract nature of climate change

Man-made climate change is a concept that needs no further introduction. It is a well-known fact that mankind’s expansive nature has put our own species long-term survival in danger.

120 HOURS goes PRO with FutureBuilt

We are very happy to announce that 120 HOURS has signed a deal with the urban development programme FutureBuilt