1st Prize - Ditt mikroklima er levert av:

Ditt mikroklima er levert av: Is a unique proposal in the competition in the way it portrays FutureBuilts goal and ambition in a tactile manner. The proposal's concept is both simple and innovative, by focusing on the different pilot projects sustainable physical performance, rather than iconic form and technology. The jury commends the idea of ​​letting the audience feel and experience the effects of different architectural solutions, while subtley and elegantly strengthen the varoius pilot projects identities.

The proposal shows that innovation is not solely about technical innovations, but also an understanding of the connection between materiality and form as effective means to develop climate-neutral buildings and urban areas. On this basis, the jury sees it as a strength that the proposal has cultivated a simple and tactile concept, and not integrated a digital system in the proposal. The project communicatiest he ambitions of FutureBuilt without being preachy or demanding for the audience. This means that the proposal is emerging as an enrichment of the urban environment, rather than a pure information system.

The jury believes that Ditt mikroklima er levert av: has the potential to appeal to both architects, builders and the public in general, as an integrated part of FutureBuilts pilot projects. The concept can easily adapt to different contexts and projects, and the jury sees it as a clear advantage that the proposal does not provide any concrete and formal reply, but a strong concept with a simple and clear strategy that can be developed further.
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  • Amund Mikalsen Rolfsen & Mari Synnøve Opheim Gjertsen
    Gjertsen og Rolfsen Stuetegning / NTNU