2nd Prize - Portene

Portene aswers well to several of the briefs criterias, with its urban and multifunctional concept. The project has a strong local presence, highlighted well in the presentation. Portene serves as a simple and clear staging of the urban space around the pilot projects, and can thus contribute to increased awareness of climate-friendly architecture and urban development in line with the ambitions of FutureBuilt.

The proposal's strength lies in its ability to integrate multiple features, beyond informing about the pilot projects. Additional features like bicycle parking, greenery, bicycle pumps, a play area and urban furniture gives the proposal extra energy and added value. The functions also contributes to a physical interaction with the audience, which in turn will provide the pilot projects with increased attention in the city. The idea is robust and adaptable to different contexts, while it appears to be site-specific. The proposal's digital ambition are somewhat limited, but the connection between the pilot projects are handled in an amusing way, with the various installations "pointing" in the direction of the next pilot projects.
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  • Eva-Lotta Holby, Rui Murabe & Alexey Golitsyn
    Tokyo Tech
    Sweden & Japan